Steinem: U.S. is a ‘Racist Patriarchy’ – ‘Not Living in a Democracy’ if Women Can’t Control Their Bodies

On Tuesday, activist and author Gloria Steinem appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” and declared that the United States is no longer a democracy following the Supreme Court overturn of Roe v. Wade. 

She also trashed the United States as a “patriarchy” and “racist society.”

MSNBC host Joy Reid began, “I want you to talk a little bit since we have you, and this is another multiracial woman’s movement that is now unfortunately thrust upon us, the end of Roe v. Wade. It is something that is going to hurt all women.”

Steinem replied, “It is unspeakable, really. We are a unique democracy in the world in failing to understand that women have a right to control our own bodies. Otherwise, we’re not living in a democracy. Hello? It is clear that the big states like California and New York, women maintain this right, but it’s outrageous and sometimes dangerous for women and other states that don’t have this right to have to travel in order to get it. We should be ashamed in the world.”

“We’re also living in a patriarchy as well as a racist society,” she added. “The patriarchy, that’s what it means, you focus on men, and only the men count more, that families are viewed as broken if they’re not patriarchal, female-headed, all of that.”

What a bunch of malarky. Not being able to murder your unborn baby does not a patriarchy make! If anything, pregnancy should empower women to embrace the power they hold to be able to create new life in this world.

The “right” these feminazis fight for, to rip a child from its mother’s womb, is downright evil.

She claims that women can’t control their own bodies, but we can.

We can get birth control. We can abstain from sex. We can have safe sex. We CANNOT kill the human being growing inside of us. See, at that point, it is not longer *your* body. It is the baby’s body. A separate human being. If it was the woman’s body, she would be the one to die in an abortion, not the baby.

However, if she wants to take the logic of not being able to control our bodies and apply it towards vaccines, well, I would be on board with her there.


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