‘SNL’ Mocks COVID Diagnosis As ‘Guaranteed’ ‘5 And Sometimes Even 10 Day Vacation’

Last weekend “Saturday Night Live” mocked COVID-19 as a “guaranteed” method to get a “five and sometimes even 10-day vacation from all of life’s problems” in a sketch its most ardent fans are apparently calling “evil.”

The sketch, a 2:37 second clip, takes the form of a satirical pharmaceutical commercial in which would-be consumers are told to “ask your doctor about COVID” if you’re “sick of the endless grind at work, exhausted by your family, desperate for some peace and quiet.”

“By simply getting COVID, you’re guaranteed a five and sometimes even 10-day vacation from all of life’s problems,” the narrator explained. A member of the “SNL” cast said that COVID was the perfect way to get the best spot on the couch and convince her family to let her watch her desired shows on Netflix.

“At first I was worried about getting COVID, but my doctor assured me it’s fine now,” one comedian delivered. “I’m triple vaxxed, quadruple if you count HPV, so it’s my time to shine now.”

Taylor Lorenz, the radical left wing journalist who allegedly doxxed the Libs of Tiktok account on Twitter and reportedly drove Pamela Geller into hiding, happens to be a big fan of “SNL.” She was not happy with the sketch.

“Thousands are dying a week, millions disabled, zero protections for the elderly and immunocompromised,” wrote Lorenz, who wore a face mask as she visited the private homes of Libs of Tiktok’s family.

“Sh*t is live evil tbh,” Lorenz added.


Still, others seemed to enjoy the skit.

It’s been viewed more than 1 million times when combining both YouTube and Twitter, and it has more than 12,000 likes on YouTube and almost 1 million views on Twitter.

Conservative musician Five Times August noted the apparent change in demeanor from the left regarding its stance on COVID-19 since 2020.

“The same people who were screeching ‘Tell that to the million people who died you selfish grandma murderer!!’ are now laughing at this SNL skit that would have been banned had it been made in 2020,” he wrote. “Funny how that works.”

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.


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