Sen. Murphy on Omnibus: Most ‘Big Emergency Funds’ Going Overseas

On Tuesday, Democrat Senator Chris Murphy appeared on CNN’s “CNN Newsroom” with co-host Jim Sciutto and defended the Omnibus spending bill.

He declared that while it does have “some big emergency numbers” that people shouldn’t panic because “much of” those large emergency funds are going overseas. Therefore he does not expect the bill to cause “any extraordinary inflationary effect.”

Murphy added that we are having some “much-needed downward pressure on inflation.”

Co-host Jim Sciutto asked, “So, first on the topline number. This bill comes in at $1.7 trillion. As The Wall Street Journal noted, that’s getting nearly as large as the $1.9 trillion March 2020 COVID relief bill, given ongoing inflation and price hikes, is this an inflationary budget?”

Murphy replied, “What you’re seeing is much-needed downward pressure on inflation. What we’re funding in this bill are essential services. This is mostly a bill about obligations, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”

He added, “There are some big emergency numbers in this bill. But much of that is going overseas. 40-plus billion dollars for Ukraine. I don’t think there’s anything in this bill that isn’t absolutely necessary for the health of the country. I don’t anticipate that it’ll have any extraordinary inflationary effect.”

His defensive argument only makes me even more angry…..To hear that most of the “big funds” will be going overseas instead of going towards our country is infuriating.

These “representatives” do not work for Americans anymore. They have betrayed us all.

Sciutto also asked Murphy about the border, and whether or not Democrats have any responsibility for “failing to enact reforms that would have helped address the situation at the southern border?”

“I think all 50 Democrats in the Senate support immigration reform as you mentioned. The problem is we do not have enough Republicans to get it done,” Murphy replied.

He added, “We need a handful of Republicans to support immigration reform, and they won’t. Now, the budget includes some money to manage these increased numbers at the border, but it is much less than what the administration needs.”

Murphy asked, “Why is that? Because not only do Republicans oppose immigration reform, they also are opposing the money necessary to deal with the emergency.”

He said, “So you’re just going to see scenes of chaos at the border in January and February and that is going to be in large part because Republicans aren’t allowing us enough funding to deal with these increased numbers.”

“But is that fair?” Sciutto pressed, “You got the president. The president has things that he could do independently of broader reform which — trust me, I know, and I’ve covered it for years — it is just tough to get it through the Hill. Shared responsibility, is there not?”

Murphy shut it down, only claiming that President Joe Biden has “no choice” but to allow immigrants in at the border and present asylum.


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