Sen. Cruz: Bragg Just Made Single Greatest ‘Contribution to Trump’s Presidential Campaign’

Texas Senator Ted Cruz slammed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for indicting former President Donald Trump, in what he described as “such a blow to America.” However, Cruz also pointed out that Bragg’s corrupt indictment is likely the greatest “political gift to Trump” for the upcoming presidential election.

On the Friday edition of the Verdict with Ted Cruz podcast, Cruz and his co-host Ben Ferguson discussed the news of Trump’s official indictment.

“I’m a conservative and I’m heartbroken today because this is such a blow to America,” Cruz said. “It’s a blow to rule of law. Our constitution was designed, listen, there’s countries all over the world. If you’re in Russia, this can happen to you. If you’re in China, this can happen to you. If you’re in North Korea or Venezuela or Cuba, this is what banana republics do.”

He continued, “This is what dictatorships do. If one party takes power, you better hope you’re not the prior party cause they’re coming after you. They’re gonna lock you up and they may put you in front of a firing squad.”

The senator noted that even if he was a raging Democrat, he would still “be horrified right now.”

“Even while this is devastating to the rule of law, to the confidence the American people will have in our justice system at the same time, I think this is an enormous political gift to Donald Trump,” Cruz said.

He added, “If I were a Democrat, I might well report Alvin Bragg to the Federal Election Commission for making the single greatest in-kind contribution to a presidential campaign in history.”

Cruz is absolutely right. This is horrifying. They are not arresting Trump on any actual evidence of wrongdoing. What makes it even worse is people like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claiming that Trump can prove his innocence in court.

That’s not how our justice system works, Nancy. You are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. Lay off the vodka and maybe you’d know that.


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