Rep. Pete Sessions Says ‘Biden Harming Capitalism’

Rep. Pete Sessions sat down with Newsmax’s “National Report” on Friday to discuss the House committee being set to hear testimony from banking regulators on the recent collapse of numerous banks next week, and also declared that the Biden administration is harming capitalism.

“We expect to hear a number of things, including that they, the regulators, were lax in preparing themselves for this problem,” Sessions explained.

He continued, “But the overall feeling that still proceeds all of this is that the Biden administration is placing huge financial risks on not just people, but on institutions in this country. And that harms capitalism and the growth that we have.”

In addition to the banking collapse, Sessions also noted that he supports banning the social media add TikTok.

“The bottom line is it’s the Communist Party,” Sessions asserted. “It’s Chinese aggression against the United States of America. And I join with those other states that have banned this TikTok. I did not believe they were convincing [at the hearing] even though they tried to put a good face on it.

He declared, “We need to be careful what is taught to our children and what is allowed. I’m for banning TikTok.”

The representative’s remarks came after TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified before a congressional committee on Thursday.

While I do agree with Sessions on Biden ruining our economy, I don’t agree on TikTok stance. I think the government is gunning to ban the app because there is too much information on there and they don’t like that.

I have learned more on the TikTok app than I have in any of our news sources or anywhere else. I have not only learned basic life hacks, but I have also learned so much about canning, homesteading, caring for my livestock, and even the basics of homeopathic care. In addition, I have learned about real life events happening all over the world that I have not even heard about in any mainstream news sources.

The government does not want people sharing information and uniting. It’s easier to control us when we are uninformed and divided.


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