Pence on Abortion Pill Mifepristone: I’d Like to See it ‘Off the Market’

On Sunday, former Vice President Mike Pence appeared on CBS’s “Face The Nation” to discuss the abortion pill mifepristone, in which he stated that he would like to see off of the market.

Pence began, “You know, I’m pro life. I don’t apologize for it. I think the fact the Biden administration allowed Mifepristone to be made available on a mail order basis was a- a fundamental change. Even in states that have limited abortion. I’d like to see this medication off the market to protect the unborn. But also, I- I have deep concerns about the way the FDA went about approving Mifepristone 20 years ago.”

He continued, “I’m grateful that action is being taken in the courts to hold the FDA accountable to what the law requires in reviewing any medication that’s made on the marketplace. So for the sake of protecting the unborn, but also for the health and safety of women, I’m looking forward to this- this litigation continuing and holding the manufacturers of Mifepristone accountable. And ultimately, and putting the interests of women first.”

CBS host Robert Costa argued back, “The FDA has disputed claims that it’s unsafe, saying that serious complications are rare, and less than 1 percent of patients need hospitalization. That’s their position.”

The former vide president replied, “Well, I understand that, Robert, but under the Obama administration, the FDA actually stopped chronicling non fatal results of Mifepristone. And one of the things that I hope changes in the course of this litigation is the FDA gets back to reporting to the American people all of the health impacts. But I do believe this issue bears upon the health and safety of women and we’ve got to hold the FDA accountable to the law.”

Pence is right about that: we need to hold the FDA accountable!

Here is the full interview:


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