MSNBC Blames Republicans for ‘Allowing’ Mass Shootings to Happen in U.S..

On Tuesday, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough scathed the Republican Party on his show “Morning Joe” with claims that they are to blame for mass shootings in the United States.

While reacting to the mass shooting on campus of Michigan State University on Monday night, which left three students dead and five others “fighting for their lives,” Scarborough claimed that the it’s “not about mental health” but rather “the continued proliferation of guns.”

He demanded, “What’s wrong with the country? More specifically, what’s wrong with state legislatures? What’s wrong with governors? What’s wrong with members of Congress? What’s wrong with elected leaders? They don’t do everything that they can to stop mass shootings in America. This does not happen in other industrialized nations.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in, “This is an American problem.”

Scarborough shot back, “It is not just about mental health. It’s not about video games. It’s not about any of the things that the apologists for the gun lobby says it is. This is about guns and the proliferation of guns, the continued proliferation of guns.”

He continued, “Ninety percent of Americans support universal background checks, but the people stopping that they’d rather talk about the three trans athletes in Utah. Or they’d rather talk about the 0.003% of the population that’s driving them crazy. They’d rather talk about gas stove stoves. They’d rather talk about Dr. Seuss. They always find distractions instead of talking about the fact we have mass shootings every day and our children can’t go to school safely without worrying about being shot. Parents can’t send their young babies to school without worrying about being shot. This continues.”

Scarborough added, “There’s just no other way to put it. It’s the Republican party that’s allowing this to continue to happen in America. Let me say, as you look at those haunted faces, it is the Republican party. It is the Republican party that allows this gun culture to spread. We have mass shootings every single day.”


Really? It’s not about mental health? There are MILLIONS of gun owners in the United States. You do not see millions of mass shootings. Want to know why? Because we are responsible gun owners without a thirst for murdering others. The only folks you see going on mass shooting sprees are the ones with clear mental issues.

Notice how he didn’t mention the numerous gun related murders in Chicago every single day? That’s because they have some of the strictest gun regulations in the country, so it wouldn’t fit the narrative.

Think about it…


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