Michelle Obama Co-Founds Company to Sell ‘Healthier’ Food for Obese Kids

Former First Lady Michelle Obama announced that she has co-founded a new company to help “raise healthier kids.”

PLEZi Nutrition is a spin off from Obama’s White House “Let’s Move!” initiative, in which she proudly claims to have dedicated “so much “of her life to helping children live healthier.

“I’m proud to announce the national launch of a company designed not just to provide better products, but to jump-start what I hope will be a race to the top that will transform the entire food industry,” she said during a speech at the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival.

She continued on to claim that the United States is in a “nutrient-related health crisis,” followed up with studies that suggest children are lacking in both fiber and potassium while also consuming too much sugar.

“So I’ve learned if you want to change the game on this issue, you can’t just rally support from the outside. You’ve go tot get inside. You’ve got to find ways to change the food and beverage industry itself,” she said.

“So that’s exactly what I’m doing,” Obama added, painting PLEZi as the company to “transform the entire food industry.”

Here’s an idea….what if, instead of creating these new companies and trying to push them….why not work to reform the current food standards? Europe and other countries have banned many of the ingredients still allowed in our foods by the FDA.

One example: numbered food dyes (Red 40, Red 3, Blue 1, etc)

Numbered food dyes contain carcinogens and have been linked to numerous issues including tumors and behavior issues in children. Yet food, especially marketed to children, are packed with them!

I know for a fact that foods can be made without them, still look just as vibrant, and taste delicious! Not only because other countries have been doing it for years, but because I go out of my way to find brands that do not use the numbered food dyes when buying groceries for my family.

Aldi brand products do not have numbered dyes and they are are hit in my house!

So, perhaps we could work on the FDA banning some of these horrible ingredients in our foods that are causing serious health issues, Michelle. That would GREATLY help.


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