Megyn Kelly Weighs in on Carlson Departure: ‘Sad Day for Fox, Great Day for Tucker’

On Monday, former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly appeared on Newsmax TV’s “The Balance” and weighed in on the news that top-rated host Tucker Carlson was parting ways with the news network.

She noted that the break up would be beneficial for Carlson, but makes a bad day for Fox News.

“It’s pretty stunning that they would pull the rug out from underneath the number one show on Fox News, the 8 p.m. show. And I think it’s a sad day for Fox News, but I think it’s a great day for Tucker because I think he will go independent.

This is just my supposition — that he’ll go independent like I have. He will no longer answer to a corporate master. He will be free to say whatever he wants to say within the bounds of defamation law, of course,” Kelly said.

“And he’ll be totally unleashed,” she continued. “And he leaves directly from his primetime post, so have a massive audience that will be looking to hear him and follow him. And I think if you look at what’s happening online already, there are a lot of Fox News fans who say he was the only reason I was still watching Fox, and now you’ve taken that away.”

Kelly added, “So it is a loss for Fox. I mean, I’m guessing Eric that their calculation is [Megyn] Kelly left. We fired [Bill] O’Reilly, not to mention Greta [van Susteren], and Shepherd [Smith] left. We did just fine.

It’s the Fox News juggernaut that puts points on the board, and the audience will get over it. And you know, maybe they can advertise that hour better without Tucker because he was controversial, and he was such a target for the left that the show did not make a lot of money in terms of advertising.

You know, you can’t get a Mercedes or an AMEX to advertise in an hour like that because he’s been made into such a pariah that it could be pure financial calculations. You know, they’ll do better with a new host there and what their audience wants — too bad.”

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