Latest Biden Failure: U.S. Sees Major Shortage on Children’s Pain Meds, Antibiotics

In several parts of the country, we are seeing a shortage in children’s acetaminophen, children’s ibuprofen, and even antibiotics. What is going on??

Three weeks ago, my mother-in-law called and told me that she should not find any children’s Tylenol for her foster children. I assumed it was likely a fluke and the store would have more soon. The next day, she told me that the pharmacy couldn’t even get in the antibiotics for her foster child with strep throat.

That was concerning, but still, I thought the system may just be backed up.

Then last week, I checked three stores AND Amazon for children’s pain medication for my teething child and every shelf was wiped clean. Every Amazon listing read “sold out.” I finally found one bottle at CVS, and as the pharmacist handed it to me from behind the counter, he said that it was the last bottle they had.

I asked what was going on with children’s medication and he told me that they are seeing a massive shortage right now, and added that they have not been able to get antibiotics such as penicillin in either.

I live in a different town than my mother-in-law, so after that, I knew that it must be more of a widespread problem than I realized. I started to do some research and found that the shortages are happening all over the country. Yet, I have not seen a single mainstream media news source blowing this issue up for coverage.

All I could find was local news articles and a short CBS clip touching on the shortage:

I decided to scroll through Twitter and that is when I saw a post from Johnson & Johnson announcing that they cannot keep up with the demand for Tylenol.

They wrote, “We are experiencing record-high demand for TYLENOL® and although we’re producing and shipping at an all-time high, we are experiencing a temporary shortage in some areas. We are working to ensure it reaches all retail partners, doctors’ offices and hospitals, and people like you!”

There are also tweets from concerned parents across the country:

There are a plethora of posts if you just search “Tylenol shortage” on Twitter.

There are also people sounding the alarm on TikTok as well. One pharmacist has been talking about the shortages and even shared a video explaining how to make amoxicillin doses at home for your children:


Can’t find antibiotics for kids? Heres a document from department of health of Illinois, majes it easy. #antibiotics #make #your #home #kids #out link in bio to original document

♬ original sound – Philsmypharmacist

It’s crazy that we live in a first world country, yet we can’t even find pain relief medication for our children. The Biden Administration needs to get their heads out of their butts and fix this!


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