Home Depot Co-Founder: Biden is the ‘Worst President EVER’

I go back and forth between Lowes and Home Depot when it comes to which one I like more. However, Home Depot just earned some major brownie points!

During an exclusive interview with the Financial Times, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus declared that President Joe Biden is “the worst president in the history of this country.”

Heard that!

The home improvement store, which was founded in 1978 in Marietta, Georgia, currently has 2,300 locations with an annual revenue of more than $150 billion. However, Marcus explained, if he was attempting to start up the business today’s economy, it would be nearly impossibly to grow past 15 or 16 stores.

The 93-year-old billionaire blamed both Biden and “woke people” for the downfall we are currently seeing in the United States, noting that the socialist policies we are seeing take over the country are making people lazy and uninterested in working.

He added, “Nobody works, nobody gives a damn.”

As someone who constantly sees businesses with signs in the window that say “closed due to lack of help,” I can definitely agree. People would rather sit with their hand out than work an honest job.

Daily Mail reports:

Marcus added that he’s worried about capitalism and said thanks to socialism, ‘Nobody works. Nobody gives a damn. “Just give it to me. Send me money. I don’t want to work – I’m too lazy, I’m too fat, I’m too stupid.”‘

Marcus was unequivocal in calling Joe Biden ‘the worst president in the history of this country’ saying that ‘we used to have free speech here.’ 

‘We don’t have it,’ he said. ‘The woke people have taken over the world.’

He also listed human resources executives, government bureaucrats, socialists, Harvard graduates, MBAs, Harvard MBAs, lawyers and accountants as the obstacles to entrepreneurial success in 2022. 

During the interview, Marcus also touched on the 2024 presidential election and predicted that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will challenge former President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination.

He said, “It’s going to be very interesting in ‘24 because I think that DeSantis will challenge him. And may the better man win.”


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