Jean-Pierre Claims Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Believe In ‘Truth’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is well known for lying to cover up for President Joe Biden and his administration. Yet on Thursday, she appeared on MSNBC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight” and accused Fox News Host Tucker Carlson of not believing in “truth.”

The left is really mad that he released footage from the J6 “insurrection” that proved it was nothing like they have been preaching. Now they are desperately trying to control the narrative.

MSNBC host Alex Wagner asked, “Does the White House consider Fox News, a news organization?”

Jean-Pierre replied, “So, I’ll say this, when you look at the depositions that have been out there recently, it even states from fox news leadership, they do not see Tucker Carlson’s show as news or even truthful. That is coming from the Fox leadership. That’s not coming from me.

That’s coming from them. And also would quote, paraphrase here, with the chief of Capital police said. He said when you watch Tucker Carlson as it relates to January 6, it is misleading. It is misinformation with the conclusion of what happened on January 6, the attacks that happened.”

She said, “As you saw from the president’s statement, 140 officers were injured, nearly 140 officers were injured on that day. It was an attack on democracy. It was an attack on our Constitution, and you cannot whitewash that. Tucker Carlson cannot whitewash that.

Anyone who doesn’t see with their own eyes what occurred cannot whitewash that. And so, the president’s going to stand with the police officers. He’s going to stand for truth. And clearly, that is not what Tucker Carlson believes in.”

Wagner added, “So, I’m going to say that sort of sounds like the White House doesn’t think Fox is a news organization.”

Of course not, because Fox doesn’t play into their lies and repeat the woke narrative. They do not like a news station that isn’t going to push their agenda.


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