Gov. Lamont Insists AR-15s ‘Should Be Banned in the State of Connecticut’

Leave it to a gun-grabbing Democrat to try and rob Americans of their Constitutional rights! It’s happening folks and we need to vote to protect these rights.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont is going full force to stop a grandfathering clause in state gun control bills, which would obligate residents to hand over their AR-15s.

The “grandfather” clause has been included twice in gun control laws passed since 1993 by the General Assembly, which banned the sales of certain military-style weapons but assured gun owners a provision to retain those guns.

CT Mirror reports:

Lamont raised the idea of a complete ban on AR-15s at a gubernatorial debate where his Republican opponent, Bob Stefanowski, said the police accountability law passed in 2020 with Lamont’s support has undermined police morale, resulting in a more timid police force.

Without saying precisely how, Stefanowski suggested the accountability law contributed to the deaths of Bristol officers Lt. Dustin DeMonte and Sgt. Alex Hamzy, who police say were shot to death in an ambush by a man armed with a weapon that rapidly fired 80 rounds. Sources say the weapon was an AR-15 or similar rifle.

The governor unexpectedly mentioned repealing the clause while speaking to reporters after a debate, calling it “a loophole” that makes “society … in Connecticut a little less safe.”

He said, “(AR-15s) should not be allowed in the state of Connecticut. I think they’re killers … I think they’re incredibly dangerous in our community. You’re not serious about crime if you leave them on the street.”

“If I don’t try now, who will try?” Lamont asked.

However, Senator Gary Winfield (who also serves as the co-chair of the Judiciary Committee) stated that he does not foresee the General Assembly being interested in going back on their promise made to gun owners.

“If you’ve told people you’re going to operate in a certain way, particularly grandfathering people and things like this particular issue, it’s a really hard hurdle to clear,” Winfield said.

“It’s not on our wish list,” added executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence, Jeremy Stein. “Our top agenda item is to make sure that there is sufficient funding for community violence interruption and intervention.”

“We will continue to have conversations with leadership and the governor and all partners and stakeholders to make sure that we are legislating those things that have the greatest effect of reducing gun violence,” Stein explained. “And I look forward to talking with the governor about all of his proposals.”


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