Gov Doc Instructs Teachers: 7YOs Can be ‘Mixed Berry Gender Fluid Muffins’

Forget the House of Commons! What on earth is going on in the United Kingdom??

According to reports, a government document has instructed teachers in Wales that prepubescent children can be “mixed berry gender fluid muffins.”

Let that sink in…teachers are being instructed that their kindergarten, first grade students are mixed berry gender fluid muffins. Not only is that an extremely weird description to begin with, but why would anyone be focusing on the sexuality of a literal CHILD??

Breitbart reports:

A 170-page “Agenda” document detailing how sex education should be taught in Wales reportedly instructs teachers that children as young as seven can be “mixed berry gender fluid muffins”.

It is the latest evidence of militant transgenderism being taught in British schools, with government officials in both the UK and neighbouring Ireland becoming increasingly keen to see gender ideology taught as fact to young children.

According to a report by The Telegraph, the sex ed pamphlet produced by Cardiff University academics in partnership with the Welsh government tells the country’s teachers that there are many different genders.

The document pushes teachers to play the “mixed-muffin gender berry challenge” with their students, which teaches the children that “you can’t assume someone’s gender by how they look”.

With different “batches” of berry muffins, the game strives to show students “what it feels like to be given a gender you might not choose”.

Again, an extremely odd thing to teach in a school setting. Why not teach them something actually useful? Like how to bake sourdough bread from scratch, how to grow vegetables, how to milk a cow or goat, how to tend chickens, or how to can their own food? That would get them much further in life, and have a stocked pantry, than learning about sexuality pronouns.

Another game detailed in the pamphlet reportedly asks kids to “decide which sex-switching or gender-bending worlds you want to explore”, which reportedly aims to “crack open… rigid gender binaries”.

Commenting on the document, the Welsh Conservative Party’s shadow education minister, Laura Anne Jones, described the sex education material being created by the country’s government as “highly inappropriate” and “not based on biological fact”.

“Whether it be sex education or self ID, this Labour government in Wales is determined to push gender ideology, against the wishes of the Welsh public,” Jones asserted.

Children as young as 12 are also said to have been taught about things such as anal sex, oral sex, and masturbation while in sex education classes, while some have reportedly been told that the concept of virginity is merely a social construct.

This is in the UK for now….but what happens when that trash starts filtering into the United States curriculum?


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