Former RNC Chair Steele Yowls that Tucker Carlson Is a ‘Demonic Sycophant’

On Thursday, former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele appeared on MSNBC’s “Deadline” and cried that Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson is a “demonic sycophant.”

Wow. Someone REALLY doesn’t like the truth, eh?

While discussing Carlson, anchor Nicolle Wallace noted, “He described Trump as a demonic force, a destroyer.”

Steele amented, “Demonic force, that means Tucker must be possessed, or Tucker is one of those demonic creatures that enable that force. I tend to go for the latter.”

He continued, “This kind of narrative that comes out of this demonic force that’s perpetuated by those demonic angels, those demonic sycophants that keep pushing this, that is the great setup. What you’re seeing Tucker do and what Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert do, you pick the clowns in the clown car and go from there. They’re all doing the same thing. They’re setting up the next part of the narrative.”

Steele added, “The twisting of the narrative around January 6th has been an ongoing effort, now culminating in the absolute, disgraceful attempt by the Speaker to ingratiate himself with the likes of Fox News and Tucker, on behalf of President Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene, to get the chair. That he would give him this evidence, that he would give him this information that could then be cherry-picked into nightly narratives to rewrite the story that we all witnessed live on January 6, to make us believe that somehow we’re the fools.”

He concluded, “When the trigger is pulled in my view, thank you, Tucker. You’re the reason why. You’re the reason why the next January 6th happens.”

Democrats and RINOs alike are shaking in anger after Tucker released footage from the January 6 so-called “insurrection” that proved that it was not actually an insurrection. Now their lies are down the drain and they can’t control the narrative anymore.

Too bad, so sad.



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