Former Nat’l Security Advisor Bolton Declares 2024 Run to ‘Beat Trump’

On Monday, former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press Now” and announced that he is ready to run for president on the Republican ticket in 2024 in order to stop former President Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

Bolton declared, “Donald Trump, if he were to take the oath of office again, God forbid, would either be lying about preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution or maybe he wouldn’t say it at all. You can’t have this kind of approach. It’s not something one can disagree with. This is foundational to the republic.”

“There’s one thing that would get me to get into the presidential race, which I looked at in prior elections. It would be to make it clear to the people of this country that Donald Trump is unacceptable as the Republican nominee,” he continued.

Trump is unacceptable to who? The RINOs? The baby-killing, gun-grabbing, tyrannical left? Of course they would oppose him. However, patriotic Americans who not only love our country but miss the ability to actually afford gas and groceries would love nothing more than to see Trump on that 2024 ballot.


NBC host Kristen Welker inquired, “You are essentially telling us you would consider getting into the 2024 race for president.”

Bolton replied, “Absolutely. I think to be a presidential candidate. You can’t simply say I support the Constitution. You have to say I would oppose people who would undercut it. We used to have a thing in the House of Representatives called the House Un-American Affairs Committee. I think when you challenge the Constitution itself the way Trump himself has done, that is un-American.”

I mean, sure. If he wants to waste a ton of money to run a campaign that will absolutely fail then by all means, go for it bud.

The comments on Twitter in response to Bolton’s announcement have me rolling. If you need a good laugh, check these out:

Bolton is essentially Liz Cheney with a mustache. No one, absolutely no one, wants him running for president.

Here is the full interview:


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