Dr. McCullough: Damar Hamlin’s Cardiac Arrest May be ‘Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis’

On Monday, Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin suddenly stopped breathing and collapsed on the field.

The 24-year-old went into cardiac arrest and required CPR for 9 minutes before he was rushed off the field on a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

Fox Sports reporter Joe Danneman tweeted at the time that “Hamlin has a pulse but is not breathing on his own. He is being transported to UC. He added that the player “needed AED and CPR on the field.”

Many people immediately began wondering if the heart attack was caused by the covid-19 vaccine, as many young and healthy athletes have been suddenly dropping dead from heart attacks….which is extremely abnormal.

According to distinguished cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, Hamlin could likely be suffering from “vaccine-induced myocarditis.”

“If Damar Hamlin indeed took one of the COVID-19 vaccines, then subclinical vaccine-induced myocarditis must be considered in the differential diagnosis,” McCullough said during an interview with COVID vaccine journalist Steve Kirsch.

His statement was followed up with a tweet by Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), who shared McCullough’s assessment:

Lifesite News reports:

Kirsch announced in an 11:20 p.m. update that Hamlin had indeed received an experimental COVID-19 gene-based vaccine as “The Buffalo Bills is a 100% vaccinated team.” He likewise reported that he had received a communication from an anonymous source who “knows this for a fact.”

In an October 18 article on McCullough’s substack channel, he cited studies demonstrating how cases of myocarditis have increased in the population from around 4 per million to approximately 23,256/million in the tender ages of 13 to 18 alone since the introduction of massive COVID-19 gene therapy vaccination campaigns and mandates two years ago.

Spontaneous reports since 2021 reveal the “highest risk group [for vaccine-induced myocarditis] was males age 18-24,” which becomes “explosive after the second injection,” with “deaths confirmed by autopsy.”

If such numbers of anything around 25,000 per million are accurate, the former editor of two medical journals stated this would equate to “a million young Americans [who] could have sustained heart damage from COVID-19 vaccination and some of them will be at risk for cardiac arrest and future heart failure.”

“These data suggest we should not be surprised by rising rates of sudden death in young persons with sports and during daily life including sleep,” said McCullough, who has himself authored 678 articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals and remains the most published individual in his field in history.

Nearly 2,000 healthy athletes have suffered cardiac arrest since covid began and a little over 1,000 have them have died.

The science community CANNOT ignore this, and the Biden Administration needs to be held accountable for attempting to force people to take the vaccine.


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