‘Died Suddenly’: Viral Video Shows 28YO Woman Drop Dead at Gym from Heart Attack

A shocking video has gone viral of a 28-year-old woman who suddenly dropped dead while working out at Zone Muscular gym in Ecuador on November 29th.

It is especially shocking considering people that young typically do not have heart attacks – particularly people that are working out and healthy.

The woman, identified as Betsy Dayana Jaramillo Ramírez, was rushed to the hospital where she was presumed to have died of a heart attack.

New York Post reports:

Ramírez was captured on the gym’s video footage doing squats and weightlifting when she suddenly stopped and fell forward, face-planting on the floor.

Other gym-goers, most of them women, rushed to help Ramírez. They sat her in the recovery position while continuously checking her pulse until paramedics arrived.

Ramírez was rushed to Santa Teresita Hospital but arrived with no signs of life. Doctors pronounced her dead upon arrival.

Police and doctors have yet to issue a cause of death, however, it is believed that Ramírez suffered a heart attack.

Here is the viral video:

Could it be we are looking at another #Vaxident? People all over the world have been dropping dead form heart attacks and blood clots after receiving the covid vaccine. Is that simply a coincidence? I think not. Children suddenly being diagnosed with myocarditis and young HEALTHY athletes dropping dead is NOT normal!!

Have you ever tried looking up the phrase “died suddenly” on Google or Twitter? The results are astounding and extremely alarming.

For example, here are the first few tweets when I searched the phrase on Twitter:

The list goes on, and on, and on. You could spend hours reading the horror stories following the vaccine.

Now I am not stating that Ramírez definitely died from vaccine complications because it has not yet been shared whether or not she had the vaccine. I am just drawing the same suspicions that many others in the comments of the viral video have.

Check it out:

Even Dr. Horace Drew wrote, “They’re dropping now like flies. Who will be next? Everybody knows.”


What do you think?


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