Dems Silent As Ohio ‘Chernobyl’ Highlights Failures of Biden’s $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

When it comes to the Ohio chemical “Chernobyl” train derailment fallout, Democrat “climate change” advocates and environmentalists in media and in government are largely silent.

For those of you just tuning in, a train carrying vinyl chloride and other toxic chemicals derailed on February 3 in East Palestine, Ohio.

After the derailment, authorities decided that a “controlled burn” of the chemicals was appropriate, supposedly in order to prevent a much larger explosion from occurring. The decision caused a massive chemical fire, with plumes of black smoke seen for miles around.

Today, officials in Indiana revealed that the toxic chemicals may spread 700 miles or more through the Ohio River to neighboring states. Water plants in West Virginia are gearing up for the worst. There is no end to the crisis in sight.

One would think that the usual Democrat suspects would jump on the Ohio disaster, hurling accusations of man-made climate change in all directions, urging the Biden administration to take aggressive action to save humanity from the climate change-causing capitalist menace. Never let a crisis go to waste!

But what this author finds most interesting is the widespread radio silence from Democrats.

From Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY), President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State and failed Democrat 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, 44th President Barack Obama, and even outspoken climate change alarmist Al Gore, no offers of assistance, nor gestures of sympathy for affected citizens have been made.

Readers may be familiar with past remarks made by the Biden administration’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, who once decried those pesky racist roads and tunnels that prevent minorities from going to the beach.

10 days have since passed since the Ohio train derailed, and our historically LGBTQ+ Transportation Secretary is complaining about how the U.S. has too many white people working construction jobs.

Clearly the federal government has its priorities straight.

The horrific chemical spill is on track to be one of the nation’s most devastating ecological disasters in American history, yet none of the aforementioned actors seem to care.

Quite frankly, it appears that most of the concern from public officials and pundits online is coming from conservatives, who place the blame on the Biden administration’s radical left “human infrastructure” efforts that have little to do with actual infrastructure, but rather racial identity politics, “equity,” and gender agendas.

In November 2021, Biden and his Democrat legion proudly spent $1.5 trillion on a “bipartisan infrastructure” bill, one of his administration’s most self-perceived prestigious accomplishments, brought to you by the green energy wing of the Democratic Party and loathsome Republican lawmakers who should’ve known better.

The bill was advertised as a means to upgrade water systems, roads, bridges, and railway systems. However, in a non-traditional twist, this “infrastructure” package would focus on “climate change mitigation, resilience, equity and safety for all users, including cyclists and pedestrians.”

CNN claimed that experts said the trillion dollar expenditure was “sorely needed to ensure safe travel, as well as the efficient transport of goods and produce across the country.”

Flash forward to today: What would the citizens of East Palestine say? Did this massive financial endeavor fulfill its mission statement?

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant news.


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