Costco’s 36-Pack of Bud Light Price Goes Viral – Can’t Even Give it Away!

One Costco location went viral over the weekend after someone shared just how low their reduced prices were for Bud Light beer as Anheuser-Busch continues to tank due to their choice in brand partners.

Since partnering up with transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney, the company has lost a plethora of lifelong customers, and even more in revenue.

You’d think this would be enough to cause a backtrack, but the company is still pushing forward with their woke bullcrap, running their reputation completely into the ground.

On Sunday, Conservative commentator Ryan Fournier shared photos of Bud Light cases being sold at Costco for a fraction of the normal price, with the caption “This is insane.”

In the photo, you can see 36-packs of the beer on sale for only $14.97. Bringing the price of a can down to about 41 cents. That’s right, 41 cents per beer.

I mean sure, you are going to naturally save money when you buy at a bulk store. However, less than 50 cents each is staggering! They are practically giving it away, and not even doing a good job at that!

As the IJR shared:

USA Today chronicled the average price of a six-pack of beer dating back decades.

Twenty years ago, in 2003, the average six-pack in the U.S. sold for $6.79 — about $1.13 per unit.

That is without taking inflation into account.

When adjusted for inflation, a six-pack of beer 20 years ago would cost a consumer today an average of $8.84.

That is roughly $1.47 per beer.

While Fournier’s Facebook post showed Bud Light being sold in bulk, the fact the brand is priced at $0.41 a can anywhere is indicative of how much damage Anheuser-Busch has done to itself.

Many people commented on the Facebook post declaring that they refuse to buy Anheuser-Busch products at any price.

Perhaps other companies can learn a lesson by looking at Bud Light: go woke, go broke.


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