Biden Accuses GOP of Holding U.S. Economy ‘Hostage’

On Friday, President Joe Biden made the laughable accusation that Republicans are holding the United States economy “hostage” by refusing to pass a debt limit increase. He complained that they want him to agree to “draconian” budget cuts in order to increase the debt ceiling.

That’s interesting though considering he has refused to meet and negotiate the debt limit increase. Therefore, how can he claim the GOP is holding anything hostage when he has not tried to move things forward?

Newsmax reports:

Biden said he would tell congressional leaders when they meet on Tuesday that they must do “what every other Congress has done — that is pass the debt limit, avoid default.”

Republicans in Congress are insisting on Biden first accepting major budget cuts before they vote to extend the US debt ceiling, allowing the government to borrow more money.

The Biden administration says funds will run out as early as June 1 if the extension — an annual accounting maneuver that usually passes with little debate — doesn’t happen, triggering national debt default.

“They’re trying to hold the debt hostage to (get) us to agree to some draconian cuts,” Biden declared during a White House meeting on the economy.

He also argued that he is ready to discuss possible budget reductions. However, he will not negotiate them if they are linked to the debt ceiling.

“We can debate where to cut, how much to spend…, but not under the threat of default,” Biden said. “That’s why we have a budget process to debate in open.”

“We’re ready for that debate,” he added. But “the last thing this country needs, after all we’ve been through, is a manufactured crisis, and that’s what this is: a manufactured crisis from beginning to end.”

Why not though? Is that because he would refuse any and all budget cuts? Therefore he doesn’t want it to be hinged on anything else?


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