CCP Police Station BUST: FBI Admits Miles Guo (Wengui) is Victim #1 of the CCP

The CCP has deployed, equipped, and funded teams to wage digital warfare, surveillance, and disinformation campaigns

Their target, labeled in this Complaint as “Victim 1” is Mr. Miles Guo, and “since Victim-1 fled the PRC (People’s Republic of China), the PRC government has sought his return for prosecution in the PRC and has employed numerous methods to effect Victim-1’s capture or arrest. In May 2017, the PRC government sent several undeclared agents from the PRC’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) to the United States to cause Victim 1-‘s coerced repatriation to the PRC as part of the ‘Fox Hunt’ initiative.”

A letter from Guo’s lawyer to Judge Analisa Torres explains that the Government (at least the agents involved in Guo’s arrest) “ignores the extraordinary and sophisticated propaganda and hacking campaign that has been directed against Mr. Kwok (Guo) by the CCP since at least 2017. Moreover, the Government ignores the federal indictments and guilty pleas of political operatives, lobbyists, and even a senior DOJ official, all of whom infiltrated the United States government at the highest levels and took illegal payments in connection with a scheme orchestrated by the CCP to force Mr. Kwok’s extradition to China.” The letter further references “the criminal conspiracy against him and appends copies of the Government’s Criminal Information as to lobbyist Nickie Lum Davis, and Factual Basis for Pleas as to U.S. Department of Justice lawyer George Higginbotham.”

Under the Trump administration, the U.S. government “disrupted” these efforts to repatriate Guo. However, under the Biden regime, these malign and illegal efforts to get to Miles Guo were allowed to culminate in a bogus March 15 arrest, burning of Guo’s home, and continued illegal detention of Guo without bail in prison.

The unregistered agents named in the April 6 Complaint have used various methods, including online monitoring and dissemination of false accusations. In fact, the document reveals that “a standing task requirement to target” Guo has existed since on or about December 2018,” with “officers” assigned to target and harass Guo.

Unregistered agents of the PRC were ordered to incite and pressure U.S. law enforcement to take action against Guo.

Examples of disinformation sowed online include a post in early June of 2019, “labeling Victim-1 a fugitive who unscrupulously challenges U.S. laws on the Internet and accusing anyone giving Victim-1 money and public support as conspiring with Victim-1.”

These same unregistered agents of the PRC were ordered to incite and pressure U.S. law enforcement to take action against Guo, including criminal prosecution and/or forceful extradition to China.

Multiple fake accounts managed by these alleged CCP operatives produced numerous posts “suggesting Victim-1 was a fugitive from justice,” a “consummate swindler,” and other defamatory statements designed to create false suspicion.

These agents also “disrupted efforts by PRC dissidents, including dissidents residing in the United States”—primarily members of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), the world’s largest anti-CCP whistleblower group. These malign operatives selected platforms “where dissidents seek to amplify their pro-democracy message” and then infiltrated and disrupted them. They also successfully sabotaged an investment-based platform that the Whistleblowers were creating, GTV, with the purpose of having their own space to expose the CCP—and then they used connections from within the DOJ and major law firms to shut it down, steal the money of the investors, and claim fraud on the part of Guo.

Why do DOJ accusations against Guo mirror the contrived accusations of Chinese Communist Party agents?

Why then, in light of the documented persecution and illegal character assassination of Victim #1 of the PRC’s espionage, is the DOJ concurrently holding Mr. Guo without bail? Why do DOJ accusations against Guo mirror the contrived accusations of Chinese Communist Party agents?

Guo’s lawyer put it well when he wrote that “the Government bizarrely refuses to concede that since at least 2017 Mr. Kwok has been primary focus of the CCP’s disinformation and propaganda machine, and the victim of numerous attacks aimed at repatriating him to China, shutting down his dissent, or both.”

The answer is plain and well-documented in numerous articles: there are people within the DOJ and the larger justice system who have been compromised by the CCP. There are traceable financial ties and other leverage that enable Xi Jinping to use agents, prosecutors, and lawyers like puppets on a string.

The driving purpose of this New York CCP police station has been to destroy Miles Guo. This latest case is just part of ongoing lawfare intended to arrest, capture—and likely kill Victim-1—because he is a threat to their anti-USA agenda.

If they get away with doing this to Miles Guo, they can do it to you, and any other person the CCP deems as a threat. (The author himself has been targeted with lawfare for speaking out.)

Call your representatives in Washington and tell them to free Miles Guo and investigate the complicity of those in the DOJ, court system, and law firms who are clearly carrying out the CCP’s criminal agenda.

Kelly John Walker is an American statesman, writer, branding professional, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of FreedomTalk, host of FreedomTalk TV, and a freelance writer.


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