Biden To End Delaware Vacation Tomorrow, Start Beach Vacation Same Day

Joe Biden is set to leave his Delaware home, where he has spent the last several days, and head to his $2.7 million beach home for another vacation, making this the president’s third sabbatical this summer.

Earlier this summer, Biden spent time at a $20 million estate in South Carolina, where he stayed with wife First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and disgraced son Hunter Biden for six days.

He was at this $20 million property when the Mar-a-Lago raid on 45th President Donald Trump’s home occurred, and has yet to comment on the action, likely because he’s gone from vacation to vacation.

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However, Biden briefly flew back to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday to sign the partisan and controversial Inflation Reduction Act. The next day he flew to his Delaware home, and will remain there until tomorrow, when he leaves for another vacation.

This time Biden will be visiting his $2.7 million beach home – also in Delaware – where taxpayers are spending around $500,000 to install a security perimeter for the 79-year-old president.

Biden is expected to arrive for his third vacation on Saturday, and is slated to remain there until Wednesday, reports claim while citing FAA information.

This is Biden’s fifth visit to his vacation home this summer, multiple outlets have reported. He vacationed there after leaving COVID-19 quarantine on August 7, which was just before he went on the vacation to South Carolina.

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It appears that Biden’s strenuous schedule of vacations followed by more vacations – with brief interruptions to fulfill his duties as President of the United States – are good for the elderly man’s poll numbers.

While Biden has been mostly absent from the national stage, and Democrats in Congress have continued to rack up legislative victories with little Republican opposition in the U.S. Senate, Biden’s approval polling has risen to nearly 41%, up from his all time low of around 37.5% approval.


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