Aaron Rodgers Goes Ham and Cheese on Woke COVID Mob Who Targeted Him

Last year, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was turned a villain overnight after he was accused of falsely claiming to be immunized against covid-19. In reality, he did not take the vaccine but rather practiced other precautionary measures instead.

Now, the future Hall-of-Famer and four-time-MVP is expressing his thoughts on being unfairly painted as a dirtbag for not taking the mRNA vaccine.

Appearing on “The Pat McAfee Show,” on Tuesday, Rodgers said, “There’s heroes and villains in sports and entertainment, and I think, because of my stance on COVID and maybe some other things, I’ve been cast as the villain. Especially the last few years.”

He continued, “This woke culture wants to be offended by everything. You just go online and find something you don’t agree with. ‘I’m offended! How could you possibly say that?’ I don’t really care. I don’t care who it’s coming from or who said it.”

WATCH (Skip to 1:50 for relevant comments):

Rodgers told McAfee, “It’s a station that may or may not have in the past been brought to you by Pfizer. Then they gotta make sure that their villain gets cast in the correct light. And whether or not they’re sponsored by Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson, whatever it might be.”

He also made the suggestion that media outlets who were harshly judging him were likely being compensated by big Pharma companies such as Pfizer and Moderna.

“When you go up against some of those powers that be, put yourself in the crosshairs, they’re going to paint you in a certain way,” Rodgers declared. “And that’s what the media did to me a couple years ago. That’s fine; that’s their prerogative. … But I think I responded pretty good in those times, and I’m glad I went through that. Anything that comes after that, it’s small potatoes, bro.”

It’s interesting to me, seeing the frenzy of attacks against someone like Rodgers who makes the personal choice to not get the covid vaccine, yet crickets on the thousands of healthy, young athletes dropping dead from cardiac arrest. Athletes who received the very vaccine that is being idolized.

Instead of attacking those who raise questions or refuse the vaccine, why are more people not raising questions themselves and demanding more data and research?

Either way, good on Rodgers for being such a role model to others out there who don’t want to drink the kool-aid being forced upon us.


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