Zelensky’s Office Wasn’t Destroyed By Russia After All, Fact Checkers Claim

According to a “fact check” by Associated Press, reports that Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky’s presidential office had been destroyed during a series of missile strikes in Kiev are “false.”

Valiant News reported on Monday that Russia bombarded Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, with 75 missiles, reportedly striking Zelensky’s office in response to an apparent Ukrainian suicide bombing that damaged the bridge connecting Crimea with Russia last weekend.

Though the AP concedes that missile damage was documented in “the city center,” Zelensky’s office apparently “wasn’t destroyed,” according to multiple unnamed AP journalists who were allegedly “on the ground.”

“Associated Press reporting documented damage at a park and other locations in the city center, but the president’s office, about a mile away, was not hit. AP journalists on the ground confirmed the building wasn’t struck,” the outlet claimed, omitting the names of the journalists who confirmed the integrity of Zelensky’s office.

AP also claims that “satellite images taken by Planet Labs Inc. and obtained by the AP capture an aerial view of the building on Monday that shows the structure still standing.” However, for some reason, readers of their fact check article are unable to view these satellite images, which have been omitted from the report entirely.

For further proof that Zelensky’s office is perfectly intact, the outlet cited a video posted by the Ukrainian leader that purportedly shows him standing outside of the “undamaged building after the attacks.”

In related Ukraine news, video from roughly three months ago resurfaced online this week showing Zelensky taking a break from commanding the Ukrainian military on the front lines of battle to play with green screen “hologram” technology with a fashion designer for a virtual speech in June of this year.

Through the use of Talesmith & Hologram Director Martin William’s green screen “holograms,” Zelensky can apparently be artificially placed at virtually any location he pleases to “make it feel like he’s more in the room.”


In the video clip posted to Twitter, Zelensky can be observed standing before what appears to be an elaborate green screen setup. In the next scene, Zelensky’s likeness can be seen in some sort of editing software, where he is then placed in another location.

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.


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