What is “Tonic” Masculinity?

True masculinity is never “toxic.”

True masculinity heals and restores. Traces of it can be seen in various quarters, and in rare cases, it finds fulfillment in a man who is virtuous and whole. It surpasses parodies and gross stereotypes, standing on its own as a thing of resolute beauty and steadfast strength that edifies all who encounter it. Despite the noise of a world gone mad, authentic manliness quietly does what needs to be done.

You may think you know what “manliness” means and, hopefully, you’ve had at least one man in your life who lived it well; you may also have heard of “toxic masculinity,” or conversely, the “beta male.” Neither of these two hits the mark of a man’s greatest potential to positively impact the world. It’s time to let go of the counterfeits society has imprinted into the collective conscience and reveal something more complex and sublime than any stereotype or social construct.

Pure manliness, untainted by counterfeit parodies, is something I call Tonic Masculinity—it heals, nurtures, and inspires; it protects the powerless and betters the bold. It is a deep and intricate quality, but it is at its core a simple idea. To encounter a True Man and experience how a man ought to be is to feel that something is right and true and solid in a disjointed world. Tonic Masculinity is a delight, and a real man appeals to nearly everyone who comes across him because he sees the dignity and value in each individual, and he loves for the sake of love itself.

Take a journey with FreedomTalk as we explore what a man is supposed to be—multifaceted, capable of both toughness and tenderness. True masculinity is far from toxic, it is a pure and precious Tonic the world needs right now.

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