Wallace Asks Pelosi: ‘Won’t it be Impossible’ To Charge Trump, Even If Facts Show ‘He Committed a Crime?’

This week, CNN anchor Chris Wallace sat down with former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to discuss President Joe Biden and his mishandling of classified information. He also asked her if it was going to be “impossible” to charge former President Donald Trump “even if the facts were to bear out that Trump committed a crime” in light of Biden’s scandal.

Wallace asked, “Do you think that classified documents showing up in Joe Biden’s Office Home six years after he was vice president, do you think that’s also very serious?”

Pelosi replied, “Well, it depends on the nature of the documents. What I said, as you were listening was if the nature of these documents is what it appears to be, we don’t know. But what we were talking about, it was the highest level of classification of the documents and so I think you have to talk about the procedure. President Biden has said his lawyers are finding these and bringing them out. President Trump was obstructing access to them. So I think you look at volume, you look at procedure, and then you have to see what the nature of the document but we don’t know what the nature is. But you said it perfectly in the beginning, there are two special counsels. Let the truth come forth by the Special Counsels.”

Wallace pressed, “But, you’re talking about the nature of the documents. If the documents turned out to be very sensitive–the Biden documents–that would be very serious?”

“I said there, if. Yeah.” Pelosi pushed on, “But we’ll see what they are. I don’t think that having a briefing on a meeting with somebody. You know, we used to tease up in the Intelligence Committee and just say, be careful because they’re going to stamp classified on the Washington Post. But, but no, this guy has 30 years longer than anybody’s experience, serving as a member, as the top Democrat on the committee, ex officio for 20 years as speaker and leader. I take the seriousness of these documents with great concern about there–now there’s nothing like presidential access, you know, people say to me, well, did you ever have—we can’t even. If I took notes in a meeting, they’d have to be put–my own notes–would have to be put into a safe box or something like that. I could access them in the room. So it’s a completely different thing, but we have complete respect for the classification.”

“I understand that the cases are very different. You talk about the number of documents, where they were, the question of transparency and cooperation by the two men,” Wallace inquired, “But as a practical matter isn’t going to be impossible, even if the facts were to bear out that Trump committed a crime and should be charged, isn’t as a practical matter impossible given the fact that Biden had documents in his office, had documents in his home?”

Clearly flustered, Pelosi snapped back, “No, it depends. It depends, and that’s what you have a special prep. I think that again, I said you said it perfectly to begin with. The Attorney General asked someone to review to see if a special prosecutor was recommended. He said yes, there was a special prosecutor for Joe Biden, even though the cases are quite different. We don’t know until the special prosecutor does all of the investigation. When you say is it harder? I don’t know. I don’t know. It just depends on what comes out of the investigations.”



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