VIDEO: Top Dem Melts Down On House Floor Over ‘Trump Won’ Sign At County Fair Booth

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-NY) had an emotional episode on the House floor on Wednesday while recounting a story where he saw a “Trump Won” sign at a county fair booth.

I went to the Charles County Fair last weekend,” Hoyer snapped. “I went to the Democratic booth, and as I always do I went to the Republican booth, and the biggest sign was ‘Trump Won.'”

Hoyer’s tone became even more irate as he continued, “We are a nation of laws. Try to respect a nation of laws.”

It is unclear how Hoyer believes a partisan political sign at a local county fair booth poses a threat to a :nation of laws.”

Hoyer bizarrely indulged a popular right-wing conspiracy theory during a speech last Thursday, praising the “Deep State” as a “cadre of professionals dedicated to honoring the Constitution and the laws of this country.”

“[Republicans] have made it quite clear they want to eliminate what they call the Deep State,” Hoyer declared. “The Deep State is a cadre of professionals dedicated to honoring the Constitution and the laws of this country, and carrying out the policies of the Congress and the president.”

“By the way, it is the Congress that makes policy,” Hoyer shouted, rapping loudly on the lectern with a closed fist. “Under the Constitution, under Article 1, it is the executive that carries out policies.”

Hoyer’s praise of the “Deep State” is particularly bizarre since the “Deep State” conspiracy theory has been widely “debunked” by Democrat officials and corporate media publications.

Wikipedia claimsAccording to a discredited American political conspiracy theory promoted by Donald Trump and his supporters, the deep state is a clandestine network of actors in the federal government, high-level finance, and high-level industry operating as a hidden government that exercises power alongside or within the elected United States government.”

Left-wing publication Rolling Stone described the “Deep State” as “Donald Trump’s Paranoid Conspiracy Theory” in 2017.

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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