VIDEO: O’Keefe Confronts Shady Democrat Donors In First OMG Investigation Project

Former Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe released footage of his first investigation with his new organization OMG (O’Keefe Media Project), confronting elderly Democrat donors who appear on FEC records to have contributed dubiously high amounts of individual donations.

Some of the people interviewed by O’Keefe are listed as having contributed to ActBlue and Joe Biden’s campaign over 10,000 times in the past few years, averaging over 3 times per day.

“FEC data across the US shows that some senior citizens have been donating thousands of times per year,” O’Keefe said. “Some of these individuals’ names and addresses are attached to over $200,000 in contributions. We went and knocked on their doors to corroborate a few of the data we received from a group of citizen journalists called Election Watch in Maryland.”

“We’re wondering if these donors are victims of what appears to be a money laundering scheme, or these residents actually participated in a scheme.”

O’Keefe interviewed several elderly Democrat donors, drawing denials from the residents.

Several donors denied having contributed the amounts listed in the FEC records to ActBlue and Democrat candidates, and appeared concern over the fact that their names were tied to over 10,000 individual donations in such a short time frame.

“In paving the way to establish citizen journalism, I have been defamed, arrested, raided, and ultimately removed from the organization I spent so much time developing the credibility of,” O’Keefe stated when announcing the creation of OMG following his ousting from Project Veritas. “I always knew they would try to ruin the reputations of those who exposed them, the pharma giants, the three-letter government agencies, and those who I thought I could trust.”

“But in response, we are going to build an army of investigators and exposers. They have awakened sleeping giants,” O’Keefe continued. I’m back.”

O’Keefe added, “Remaining by my side are a small, tight-knit group of the most elite journalists in the world. Exposing corruption requires standing up to power because power hates sunlight. We are sunlight. Welcome to the O’Keefe Media Group, where we will never be shut down.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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