Vanity Fair Labels DeSantis ‘Authoritarian’ – As ‘Terrifying’ as Trump

As the country waits to see who will emerge to place their bids for the 2024 presidential election, Vanity Fair is already shaking in their boots at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis being a potential candidate.

The left-wing magazine published a “comprehensive guide” on just how “terrifying” a hypothetical DeSantis presidency would be, which they compared to former President Donald Trump’s presidency.

The piece gave a detailed list of reasons why DeSantis should not be the next president, which included an endorsement from Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and declared that DeSantis has “authoritarian” behaviors and “bigoted policies.”

Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin wrote, “Wouldn’t DeSantis be a hell of a lot more preferable to send to the White House than Donald Trump? Shouldn’t we be happy about the fact that, at the very least, he doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would Sharpie over a hurricane map to cover his own ass or force people to think about what he gets up to in the bathroom? And the answer is no! We shouldn’t be!”

She then went into her tirade, listing 14 reasons why she dislikes him. “What, exactly, is there to dislike about the guy? Wellllll,” she wrote:

  1. He thinks it’s okay to treat human beings like chattel
  2. He’s dangerously anti-science
  3. He wants to make it harder for people to vote and had Floridians arrested as part of another one of his political stunts
  4. He’s anti-free speech, particularly the kind of free speech that says the United States hasn’t always been great for non-white people
  5. Twitter content
  6. He’s waging a war on trans people
  7. “Don’t Say Gay”
  8. He’s a massive bully
  9. He’s antiabortion
  10. He supported Donald Trump until it was no longer politically expedient to do so
  11. He saw “no need” for the Respect for Marriage Act
  12. He’s made it harder for protesters to speak out about injustice and easier for anti-justice people to hit protesters with their cars
  13. He has no interest in preventing gun violence
  14. According to people who know him, he’s an awful person and has been for many years

Wow. What an extensive list of nonsense. And that is the difference in Conservatives and liberals. The left makes every decision based on their fragile feelings. They put no weight into the actual facts or logistics of things.

Her claim that he is an “awful person” is based on the word of a former college teammate who said, “Ron is the most selfish person I have ever interacted with. He has always loved embarrassing and humiliating people. I’m speaking for others—he was the biggest dick we knew.” We’ll repeat that for emphasis: “He has always loved embarrassing and humiliating people.”

Perhaps that roommate is scorned and looking for any chance to defame the governor.

I also find that claim interesting considering I regularly hear stories about DeSantis helping people. Just recently it was brought to light that he offered the governor’s mansion to Chaya Raichik, owner of popular Conservative social media account Libs of TikTok, after she was doxxed earlier this year by Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz.

Offering a safe place to a person who was doxxed doesn’t sound very “awful” to me.


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