‘Up Yours, Buddy:’ Tucker Carlson Blasts ‘Uppity Foreigner’ Zelensky For Demanding Billions More In US Aid

Fox News host Tucker Carlson lambasted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday, calling the latter an “uppity foreigner” for demanding U.S. taxpayers send billions more dollars to aid his war with Russia.

“What? Some uppity foreigner in a t-shirt demanding money for his ‘critical economic needs.’ We have critical economic needs too, buddy,” Carlson said. “Who are you, troll? Go away. What? Since when does that guy have a claim on our treasury.”

Carlson then compared Zelensky’s demands to a spoiled child with a Christmas list, before declaring, “Really? Up yours, buddy.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed earlier this month that Biden administration staff are always saying “nothing without Ukraine” when discussing US foreign policy interests.

“So, um, you know, we always say ‘nothing without Ukraine,’” Jean-Pierre said. “Nothing, no action on Ukraine without Ukraine. Right, that is something when it comes to um, any type of diplomacy or conversation that’s being had, uh, that certainly they have to, uh, be in the room for that, uh, for that piece.”

“Uh, and look, when it comes to the nuclear, uh, potential nuclear threat, we have been very clear about that,” she continued. “We take any, uh, nuclear weapons or nuclear saber rattling very seriously here.”

Biden asked incredulously in June if there were Republicans who would “rather have lower gas prices” domestically than create massive inflation by sending taxpayer dollars to Ukraine and causing international tension with Russia.

“For all Republicans criticizing me for high gas prices in America, are you now saying we were wrong to support Ukraine and stand up to Putin?” Biden asked. “Are you saying that we’d rather have lower gas prices in America than Putin’s iron fist in Europe? I don’t believe that.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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