TUCKER: The Regime Is Terrified Of Elon Musk Restoring Free Speech On Twitter

Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed the reaction on the left wing to the acquisition of Twitter by African-American tech entrepreneur Elon Musk on Tuesday.

“Since April, they’ve been trying to destroy Elon Musk. First, they called him a racist. He’s from South Africa. He must be a racist. Well, it turns out he was too rich to care,” Carlson noted. “They moved on to new tactics so that NGOs funded by George Soros commanded companies to pull their ad money away from Twitter. We’ll starve him out. Then some Saudi prince tried to argue that Elon Musk was somehow underpaying for Twitter when it’s very obvious, look at the markets, that he’s overpaying and then the Washington Post’s Max Boot got involved because this was another war he could support.”

“Tonight, after roughly six months of watching this drama, which has gone in and out of the news cycle, it looks like they have failed to stop Elon Musk from buying Twitter,” Carlson said. “All indications that we have as of right now are that the deal will go through. Twitter is just locked its employee stocks and that indicates some kind of transaction is imminent, and then a source tells the show that there is a very high probability, 90% probability, that within the next two weeks, Elon Musk will own Twitter.”

Carlson continued, “And he has said repeatedly and we can’t guess the future, but he has said he is doing this in order to give voice to people who have no voice. All of us have forgotten that Twitter banned a sitting president of the United States from speaking, thereby making it really clear who’s got the real power. No, not the U.S. government. Transnational corporations like Twitter, which control speech.”

“They did everything they could to stop this from happening, but they failed, so now they’re attempting to destroy Elon Musk the man and again, to be clear, we don’t know Elon Musk,” Carlson said. “We’re not carrying water for Elon Musk. He may have weird agendas we don’t know about, but it’s only about speech. That’s it. And that’s why the Justice Department is now investigating Elon Musk for reasons that no one can explain, but that’s what the DOJ does now, tries to terrify people with criminal investigations into obeying.”

“What we’re seeing is the desperation of a regime, not just a political regime, but a cultural regime, a class of people running the country who feel like they are losing power, and they’re panicked,” Carlson concluded. “You can feel it in their hysteria. The hectoring lifestyle, liberals, the one who work to crush the American spirit, freedom and independence of mind, masculinity, those people, the ones who’ve been yelling at you on television for the past five years, feel like, ‘Holy smokes, it’s all slipping away. If the proles get to talk, we’re in deep trouble. Ready the helicopters from the roof of the embassy. We got to get out of here,’ but it’s interesting.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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