Tucker Carlson: Marine Paul Whelan ‘Paying the Price’ for Being a Trump Voter

On Thursday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson blasted the President Joe Biden for prisoner swap in which he exchanged Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout for anthem-kneeling Brittney Griner.

Carlson declared that Griner was chosen for the exchange rather than Paul Whelan, a former marine who is still imprisoned in Russia, because he voted for former President Donald Trump.

“So, at this point, we can assume the obvious,” the Fox News host said. “The Biden administration chose Brittney Griner over Paul Whelan. The basketball player over the Marine facing 16 years. There was only room for one in the lifeboat, and the Marine got left behind. Well, why did they make that choice? Well, you should know that Whelan is a Trump voter, and he made the mistake of saying so on social media.”

He continued, “He’s paying the price for that now. Brittney Griner is not. She’s got very different politics. Brittney Griner despises the United States. She’s been very vocal about that.”

“This country is so repellent and immoral that two years ago she said: ‘I honestly feel we should not play the National Anthem during our basketball season,’” Carlson added. “She hates the country so much she doesn’t want to hear its anthem. That’s the kind of position that gets you rewarded by Joe Biden. ‘Hate America? Perfect. We’ll free the guy who sold weapons to drug cartels to get you out early.’ So there’s that. And then there’s the matter of identity, which is central to equity.”

“Brittney Griner is not White, and she’s a lesbian. Now, those facts might seem irrelevant to you. We hope they do seem irrelevant because they are, but they’re not irrelevant to the White House press secretary,” he concluded.

Now matter how you look at it, this decision truly reflects the Biden administration’s priorities. They would rather save Griner (a black, lesbian woman who protests our national anthem) over Whelan (a middle-aged white man).

Griner, who was arrested on drug charges earlier this year after taking marijuana into Russia, has made it known just how much she hates the United States and makes a show of kneeling for the National Anthem. So why else would the Biden Administration choose her over a man who served his country?

“[Griner] is safe. She is on a plane. She is on her way home,” Biden announced during a press conference on Thursday. “Brittney will soon be back in the arms of her loved ones and she should have been there all along.”



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