Tim Pool Suggests GOP Make Trump House Speaker: ‘It’d Be Hilarious’

Podcaster Tim Pool suggested appointing 45th President Donald Trump to serve as Speaker of the House for the next two years after Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini urged incoming Republican congressmen to vote against Kevin McCarthy for a leadership role next year.

Pool boosted a Sabatini’s tweet urging “All current & incoming Republican Members of Congress” to “pledge to vote against failed RINO ‘leader’ Kevin McCarthy.”

“We must have a strong House Leader for next 2 years & going into 2024,” wrote Sabatini, “any Republican that votes for incompetent Kevin McCarthy is giving Biden a major boost.”

“Vote Trump for speaker,” Pool wrote on Twitter, quoting Sabatini’s tweet. “It’d be hilarious.”

Currently, Republicans appear poised to take the U.S. House, though the long periods of vote counting that have come to characterize the country’s elections mean that several races are outstanding and Democrats could conceivably find a path to retaining the House. Most pundits say it’s unlikely.

The concept of Trump serving as Speaker of the House came up last year, when the unpopular status of the Biden White House made it apparent to many that Republicans would regain some level of control.

Experts say that there is no requirement for the Speaker of the House to actually be an elected member of the House of Representatives, and some Republicans appear more serious than others when floating the possibility of giving Trump the position.

Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump
Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump

Fortunately for those already grappling with the question of whether to call him Speaker Trump, President Trump, or Speaker President Trump, but perhaps unfortunately for Sabatini and those Republicans who have lost faith in McCarthy, Trump does not appear interested in the role.

Yesterday it was reported that he will throw his support behind McCarthy for House Speaker, even though earlier this year he confirmed that his endorsement of McCarthy only extended to his election, and not a then-hypothetical bid for Speaker.

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.


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