Tension Mounts in Brazil After Bolsonaro Refuses To Concede, Chief of Staff Begins Transition

Civil tensions in Brazil continue to mount after incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro delivered careful remarks on Tuesday in which he refused to concede his tight alleged election loss to World Economic Forum-backed leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Valiant News reported yesterday that Brazilians took to the streets in massive numbers to express their disapproval with the results of their presidential election with demands that the military be mobilized to remedy what they believe was a “stolen” election.

According to the official results, Bolsonaro lost to da Silva by less than two percentage points, the smallest margin in the history of modern Brazil.

The purported defeat also came after months of Bolsonaro sparring with election officials and the private company behind Brazil’s digital-only elections.


Amid Bolsonaro’s post-election result silence, scores pro-Bolsonaro protestors blocked off highways, roads, ports, and Sao Paulo international airport, forcing 25 flights to be cancelled, reports say.

With civil tensions rising, the president made remarks and announced that his supporters felt like they had been dealt an injustice and called for peaceful demonstrations. However, Bolsonaro came up short conceding the race.


Even despite his lack of concession, his Chief of Staff then took to the podium to tell the public that Bolsonaro authorized the presidential transition process.

Separate reports say that the Brazilian people scheduled a “mega demonstration” on Wednesday in front of the Brazilian army barracks.


As of now, hundreds of thousands of pro-Bolsonaro protestors appear to be expressing their grievances with the election results in the streets of Brazil.

Subsequent reports have surfaced indicating that YouTube has been censoring any questions regarding the results of the Brazilian presidential election, Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed last night.

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.


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