Shocking: Ilhan Omar Says She’s ‘Glad’ Special Counsel Is Investigating Biden

On Saturday, far-left Representative Illhan Omar appeared on MSNBC’s “Symone” and told host Symone Sanders that she is “glad” a special counsel was appointed to investigate President Joe Biden and his poor handling of classified material.

This was shocking to hear considering the “Squad” member is happy that Biden is being investigated rather than trying to defend him to save face for her party.

Sanders prompted, “Start by getting your reaction to the news of today. Six pages now. No additional pages of classified documents having been found at President Biden’s home in Delaware.”

Omar replied, “Well, one, I’m glad that there is a special prosecutor that’s been appointed to investigate this.”

Sanders interjected, “You are glad that there’s a special prosecutor. Tell me why.”

Omar explained, “Because any time there is a deviance in regards to security protocols that should be taken serious, it should be investigated. What I find interesting is that Republicans — who have defended Trump after he literally stole classified documents, refused to turn them over, lied about having them, made up some story about how he declassified them, had to have his house raided in order for those documents to be found — are now only interested in investigating Biden, who has cooperated, who his own staff and former staff have themselves turned these documents in. So you have to understand, right?”

She added, “Republicans aren’t really interested in upholding the law, in following security protocols. What they’re interested in is playing a political game and now only wanting to investigate Biden.”

Ah. Just when I thought she finally had a glimpse of a brain, she shows just how ignorant she truly is in the same breath.

The left loves to take their own sins and flip them them on to others to take the spotlight off of themselves. “Yeah Biden did something bad BUT…..”

There are no “buts” about it. Former President Donald Trump has been investigated time and time again over their lies and they have no been able to pin any of them on him. No one is making false claims about Biden. The cold, hard evidence is just popping up all over the place!

Not to mention, the most significant difference between the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and Biden’s mishandling of classified material is that Biden, as Vice President, was not unauthorized to keep ANY documents. So in addition to storing them in different unsecured locations, he also stole them. Trump was president, and therefore had every right to keep presidential records and determine their classification.


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