Security Camera Captured Moment Elected Democrat Murdered Journalist: Police, Media

Local media outlets have released clips from security camera footage that law enforcement in Clark County, Nevada say shows a Democrat elected official ambush then murder a 69-year-old journalist outside the journalist’s home earlier this year.

Investigators outgoing Public Administrator Rob Telles murdered veteran journalist Jeff German, who had apparently investigated claims Telles behaved inappropriately and created a hostile work environment at his office. The entire incident, a grand jury recently heard, was captured by a security camera across the street.

Parts of the footage, Law & Crime reports,were released to the public after they were obtained by multiple local news outlets through open records requests.

Though those outlets have thus far opted against showing the moment Telles struggled with and allegedly murdered 69-year-old German after waiting outside his home, reporters have shown clips featuring the man police say is Telles appearing to wait for German to arrive, then the same man fleeing the scene after the murder.

Though local news has not shown the scene, TV station KTNV reports that “The man entered German’s side yard and moments later when German exited his yard and followed the same path through a side pedestrian gate, the man pounced on him and stabbed him multiple times.”

When police searched Telles’ home, they recovered shredded materials that appear to match the clothing Telles allegedly wore in the video, including shredded material that appears to belong to the shoes, bag and hat worn by the killer.

The footage and presentation of materials recovered from Telles’ home were shown to a grand jury, and resulted in one count of open murder with a deadly weapon of a person over the age of 60. Telles entered a plea of not guilty, and his trial is scheduled to begin in April of 2023.

Presentation allegedly showing Telles wearing very distinct clothing, parts of which prosecutors say were recovered from his home
Presentation allegedly showing Telles wearing very distinct clothing, parts of which prosecutors say were recovered from his home (FOX5 Las Vegas)

Telles, a 45-year-old lawyer who FOX5 Las Vegas reports began practicing law in 2015, won elected office as a Democrat in 2018. Ballotpedia adds that he entered office in 2019, and his term is set to expire in January of 2023.

Reid, his who he lost to in the Democratic primary held in June of thisn year, claims Telles created a ““toxic work environment and engaged in questionable behavior with a female subordinate,” per FOX5. Telles apparently characterized her statements as lies.

Though salacious, apparently the security camera footage was only part of the long series of evidence investigators presented to the grand jury.

Other evidence included

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.


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