Second Train Derailed In South Carolina

Fox Carolina News reported that officials in Enoree, South Carolina are responding to a trail derailment that occurred on Monday afternoon.

Early reports indicate that the freight railroad company, CSX Transportation, is on the scene. Details are minimal at this time.

Enoree has around 665 residents, and is located within Spartanburg County, in the northwest part of the state.

The South Carolina train accident comes after a previous train derailment happened in East Palestine, Ohio on February 3, prompting an chemical disaster some have compared to “Chernobyl.”

The train, carrying vinyl chloride and other toxic chemicals was subject to a “controlled burn” of the dangerous chemicals by emergency crews in order to prevent a larger and more hazardous explosion, causing fires and a massive plume of black smoke that could be seen from miles around.

Multiple reports have emerged of dead fish and wildlife in the area, prompting concerns for the health of people near the East Palestine incident, Valiant News reported.

Eric Whitining told The Washington Post that the air in East Palestine smells like an “over-chlorinated swimming pool,” burning his eyes. “I’ve watched every news conference and I haven’t heard anything that makes me think that [the end of the evacuation order] is a data-driven decision,” said resident Maura Todd. “We don’t feel like we have a whole lot of information.”

Further reports have emerged of animals and fish dying as a result of the spill. One local resident claimed her chickens died shortly after the explosion, with another, Taylor Holzer, telling reporters that his fox died. “Out of nowhere he just started coughing really hard and just shut down and went very fast,” he said.

This story is developing.

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.


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