Scottish School Hands Out Survey Asking Kids Aged 5-12 if They Are ‘Gay or Transgender’

A Scottish primary school has handed out a survey to pupils, who may be as young as five, asking them whether they identify as “gay or transgender.”

Merkinch Primary School in Iverness, who teaches 277 children from the ages of five to 12, handed out a survey to their pupils on “equality and diversity” during the most recent Autumn term, running from August to December.

The survey first quizzed the children as to if they had ever “laughed or been unkind to someone who you felt was different to you,” with a “yes” and “no” box for the children to tick, along with a space in which they could answer with more detail.

Two more yes or no questions followed on the same theme, with children made to answer if they “laughed or been unkind to someone” if they had “two mums or two dads,” or if they identified as “gay or transgender.”

The final question on the survey turned the direction towards the pupils themselves. “If you identify as gay or transgender, has anyone in our school laughed at or been unkind to you because of that?” the survey asked, with another yes or no box in which to answer.

Niall Fraser of the Scottish Family Party shared a photo of the survey on Twitter, saying that the school was acting as a “rainbow indoctrination camp,” and rewriting the famous Aristotle quote, adding “give me the child until he is 7, and I’ll show you the (trans)man.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Family Party confirmed to the Scottish Daily Express that a concerned parent had alerted the party to the survey when it had been issued to the children last year.

Kellie-Jay Keen, a feminist campaigner described the survey to the Daily Mail as being “really sinister,” arguing that it was “really inappropriate” to be asking children their sexual or gender identity at such a young age.

“Schools should not be places to indoctrinate children with these ideologies,” she said. “There is overwhelming harm of teaching any child they might be in the wrong body. We don’t know what the repercussions of that might be. Anybody who cares about children should not be introducing ideas like this to them so young.”


The Scottish government, which has independence from the Westminster government on a number of issues, including education, recommends that children aged 6-8 be taught about different sexualities, with transgender issues also discussed in primary education, as noted by Think Scotland.

Merkinch Primary was in the news in 2018, after it ended single-sex races for their annual Sports Day, forcing boys and girls to compete together. The move came after the Highland Council issued new guidelines to improve inclusion for LGBTQ students, but the Council claimed the idea came from the head teacher seeing mixed races at another school.

Earlier this week, the Irish Children’s Minister declared that young children should “absolutely” be taught about being transgender, as it is “important that primary school children as well have an understanding of the diversity of our society.”

Valiant News attempted to reach out to Merkinch Primary for comment, but there was no response by the time of publication.

This news and commentary by Jack Hadfield originally appeared on Valiant News.


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