Rep. Clyburn Downplays Biden Mishandling Docs: ‘These Things Happen’

On Wednesday, Representative James Clyburn appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Your World” and downplayed President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, shrugging it off as “these things happen.”

Yet, if the tides were turned and boxes of sensitive material were popping up all over the place when former President Donald Trump was in office, there would be an UPROAR.

Clyburn said, “I think all of us are concerned about this. The president has expressed concern about the handling of this as well. I don’t think that anyone of us believe that he packed up his boxes himself to move out of his office. As you know, I just let my Whip office a lot of boxes were packed up. I think I may have packed one of them. So you have no idea who may have put what in what boxes. And these things were self-reported. It wasn’t archives looking for stuff, issuing subpoenas trying to get stuff. He never claimed they were his to own. These things sometimes happen, and we don’t always respond appropriately because there’s always hindsight being 20/20.”


“I would have hoped all of the searches would have been made at one time and issue all of the documents found at once, but they found something Monday and kept looking and find something else Wednesday. These things happen,” he continued.

Clyburn added, “The investigations are taking place. We will find out in the final analysis what happened, when it happened, who made it happen, how it happened. These kinds of things, that’s in every investigation.”

Now Democrats want to wait for due process, and suddenly believe in “innocent until proven guilty,” but they sat back and ate their popcorn as Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI last year, for alleged classified documents.

Democrats did not care about former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s secret server and classified information storage, so I don’t know why I expected them to care about Biden’s.


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