Police: Trans Shooter ‘Planned for Months’ to ‘Commit Mass Murder’ at Christian School

According to documentation released by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD), the 28-year-old transgender Christian school shooter in Nashville, Tennessee last week had been planning the attack for months, and planned to “commit mass murder.”

The ongoing investigation into the March 27 murders of six persons inside The Covenant School continues to show, from all information currently available, that killer Audrey Hale acted totally alone. In the collective writings by Hale found in her vehicle in the school parking lot, and others later found in the bedroom of her home, she documented, in journals, her planning over a period of months to commit mass murder at The Covenant School.

The police department also noted that Hale “fired a total of 152 rounds (126 5.56 rifle rounds and 26 nine millimeter rounds) from the time she shot her way into the school until she was killed by police.”

The shooter killed three children and three adult staff. With opening fire like that, it’s actually a miracle she did not kill more people than she did.

Breitbart reports:

Breitbart News reported that surveillance video from the school appeared to show the shooter used an AR pistol to shoot out the glass on the doors and enter the school, then walked the halls looking for possible victims, while holding a pistol caliber carbine. (The AR pistol uses 5.56 ammo and the carbine uses 9mm.)

WKRN noted that MNPD officers who executed search warrants on the transgender shooter’s home found “two shotguns, one in a bedroom closet and another next to a desk in a bedroom.”

The officers also found and “took 30 journals, some with references to school shootings and firearms courses.”

The transgender shooter left behind a manifesto that has yet to be released to the public.

It is interesting to me to see many people on the left defend the shooter and make her out to be the victim, when she was clearly mentally-ill and killed SIX innocent people. She is a murderer. She is not innocent by any means.


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