PayPal Still Plans To Fine You $2,500 For ‘Hate’ or ‘Intolerance’ Despite Their Apology

Left-wing payment processor PayPal, which dominates the online transaction marketplace, has gone forward with implementing policies that discriminate against the free speech of users despite claiming to walk back their “misinformation” fine policy.

When users learned that PayPal had added language stating it would fine users up to $2,500 for “misinformation,” the pushback was swift and immediate, and PayPal released a statement walking back the policy.

“An AUP notice for the U.S. recently went out in error that included incorrect information,” PayPal claimed. “PayPal is not fining people for misinformation and this language was never intended to be inserted in our policy. We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused.”

PayPal’s acceptable use policy, which has been active for over a year, still allows the company to punish users for the “promotion of hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory or the financial exploitation of a crime,” “items that are considered obscene,” and “certain sexually oriented materials or services,” “ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories,” or “certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law.”

“Violation of this Acceptable Use Policy constitutes a violation of the PayPal User Agreement and may subject you to damages, including liquidated damages of $2,500.00 U.S. dollars per violation, which may be debited directly from your PayPal account(s) as outlined in the User Agreement,” Paypal notes.

So while misinformation is no longer included as a reason for PayPal to politically discriminate against users, other “prohibited activities” can still be used a reason to fine users $2,500.

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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