Paul Ryan Slanders Trump: ‘Proven Loser’ – ‘Can’t Imagine Him Getting Nomination’

On Thursday, former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” and slandered President Donald Trump as a “proven loser” and claimed that his influence on the Republican Party is “fading fast.”

CNN host Jake Tapper asked, “What if you were advising Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans right now? What would you tell them to do about the U.S. economy?”

Ryan replied, “We can make good on our social contract, which I would argue, center-left and center-right, we agree on. We believe in Medicare and Social Security and Medicaid, so let’s make these things solvent. Let’s make them work better. Let’s make them guaranteed and make them solvent for the next generation. That takes persuasion politics.”

Tapper continued, “I know that when you were speaker and Donald Trump was president, you guys would talk about this. And he did not understand why you would ever want to do it because it’s bad politics.”

Paul Ryan declared, “He’s fading fast. He is a proven loser. He cost us the House in ’18, he cost us the White House in ’20, he cost us the Senate again and again, and I think we all know that. And I think we’re moving past Trump. I really think that’s the case. I can’t imagine getting him the nomination, frankly.”

A proven loser? Really? Because from everything I see, things point towards him being a winner whose presidency was stolen from the crooked left. The same party who spent his entire first presidency bringing false allegations against him to try and force him out of office, which failed every time.

I wouldn’t expect Paul Ryan to get that though, since he is one of the RINO reptiles that we want to be drained from the swamp. He is just as bad as the late Senator John McCain.


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