‘Over My Dead Body’: Dem Senator Blows Gasket Over GOP’s Proposal to Abolish IRS

If there’s one thing Democrats love, it’s taxes. They want every single red cent they can steal from hard-working Americans, and then some. So you can imagine the outrage when GOP lawmakers proposed a bill to eliminate several taxes in places of an increase on sales tax.

The Fair Tax Act introduced by Rep. Buddy Carter would increase sales tax on purchases by 30 percent, BUT it would eliminate income, Social Security and Medicare taxes in exchange.

That’s right, no more hundreds of dollars a week coming out of your check to the government, and your grandparents would no longer have to pay taxes on their social security, which is money they already earned and paid taxes on. So in reality, social security is double taxed. What a scam!

Democrats are blowing gaskets left and right over the proposed legislation.

Senator Jon Tester appeared on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” and cried that the act to abolish the IRS is not as great as it’s being made out to be.

“Income taxes aren’t the burden that they seem to think it is,” the MSNBC host began, and then asked Tester. “What is your argument against it?

“Montana does not have a sales tax,” Tester replied. “This is a really bad idea to put a 30% tax on everything that’s sold. It hurts working families across our country and in Montana. And for those very reasons, since it’s bad policy. I think it’s incumbent upon myself to be able to go to the floor and object to this. And I will tell you, this isn’t a silent filibuster. I will talk ’til to the end of time because this is really, really bad policy.”

“Now we’ve got Republicans in the House that wanna put a 30% sales tax on everything we buy? That’s totally ridiculous,” he continued.

“And I’ll tell you, this is not the right thing to do,” Tester added. “And I think quite frankly, it’s a silly doggone idea. And like I said, over my dead body. We will fight every day until this thing goes down to defeat.”

Right. So we should just all continue to pay taxes from our checks out the wazoo instead of just paying taxes on things that we buy.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll vote for abolishing the IRS any day!



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