Olbermann Short-Circuits After Twitter Suspension, Uses Dog Account to Post Video Tirade

American sports and left-wing political commentator Keith Olbermann absolutely LOST it on Friday after he was suspended by Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

The former ESPN journalist hit rock bottom when his Twitter account was suspended for doxxing Musk and his family. He then tainted his dog charity account by using it to post a video of himself ranting about “Elon Muskleone,” laced with profanity and name-calling.

“Hey, I don’t know if this got any publicity anywhere but apparently I’ve been permanently banned on Twitter from Elon Musk for not doing something he claimed he would never ban anybody for doing,” the unshaven, wide-eyed Olbermann screeched.

“What a friggin’ candy-ass, lying, hypocritical, self-contradicting, little, paranoid snowflake that ‘Apartheid Clyde’ really is,” he continued. “I was hardly the most important journalist – or commentator – who got it.”

Olbermann added, “It’s the baptism scene from The Godfather and Elon Muskleone.”

What a reach…

Check it out:

This is rich coming from a man who is well-known for calling on Twitter to ban the accounts of people that he disagrees with.

Last week, Musk made the decision to ban Olbermann, and a group of other left-wing “reporters,” as they continued to track his family in real time and relay information on their whereabouts. This is an act known as “doxxing,” which Musk declared was “endangering” his family.

On Thursday, WaPo journalist Taylor Lorenz wrote, “Musk has begun banning journalists who have criticized him from Twitter including WaPo’s Drew Harwell, NYT’s Ryan Mac, and CNN’s Done O’Sullivan. My whole timeline is glitched out and people continue to report my tweets so I’m worries I’ll be banned soon too!”

Musk replied, “Criticizing me all day long is totally fine, but doxxing my real-time location and endangering my family is not.”

However, Musk did not hold the suspension for long. He tweeted a poll late Thursday night asking people if he should “unsuspend accounts who doxxed my exact location in real-time.”

The results were as follows: 58.7% votes to lift the suspension “now” while 41.3% voted to lift the suspension “in 7 days.”

Just after midnight on Saturday, Musk tweeted in response to the poll, “The people have spoken. Accounts who doxxed my location will have their suspension lifted now.”


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