Nikki Haley: ‘If I Was President, China Would Have NEVER Sent a Spy Balloon’

During an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former South Carolina governor and 2024 Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley declared that China would have NEVER sent a spy balloon if she were president.

The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said, “Let’s be clear: If I was president, China never would have sent a balloon in the first place,” Haley told Breitbart News. “The reason that China sent a balloon is that they saw us fall in Afghanistan and then saw us let Russia into Crimea and then watched Russia invade Ukraine. America really hasn’t done anything. They watched Biden fall over himself to get into the Iran deal. So they are saying ‘let’s get away with it.’ How weak do we look that China felt comfortable to send a balloon across our border? What took Biden so long? They should have captured it before it even entered. We need to go to NORAD and say ‘what are you doing? You guys are supposed to be seeing this?’ We need to hold China accountable. They don’t get a pass on this.”

When asked just how she would hold China accountable, Haley said that she would work to secure the supply chains, prevent China from stealing intellectual properties, and build up the military.

“We have to start treating China differently. Republicans and Democrats, for too long, thought if we were nice to China they would want to be like us,” she explained. “They don’t want to be like us. They are Communists. They look at the west as devils. They look at the west as great evil. They want to make their way our way. What we have to do is we have to stop the funding in universities, we have to stop the stealing of intellectual property, we have to build up our military so they know we’re serious, and we have to make sure that they know when you pass a balloon across our borders that there is hell to pay. We have to start making sure our supply chain is focused on America and focused on our allies. We don’t need to be having trade with China, especially when it comes to national security items.”

Haley was also asked during the interview if the conflict between the United States and China could result in a second Cold War.

She replied, “It’s up to China. What we have to do is let China know what we expect of them,” Haley said. “If we let them know what we expect of them, they won’t mess with us. The problem is they can tell Biden’s not even paying attention. To allow Americans to look at the sky and see a Chinese spy balloon is the biggest embarrassment our country has faced in a long time. It’s very telling to the international world. We have to fix it.”


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