MSNBC’s Reid Likens Scalise to KKK: ‘David Duke Without the Baggage’

On Tuesday, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid likened Republican Congressman Steve Scalise to former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke. She said on her show “The ReidOut” that Scalise is like Duke “without the baggage.”

While discussing the GOP’s failure to elect Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker, she asked former Republican Hill staffer Kurt Bardella, “Who have they got as backup?”

Bardella replied, “Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan, who got the second-most votes in the Republican conference for speaker today, even though he said he doesn’t want it.”

“There’s no 218 votes for that guy,” Reid said. “The minute he became speaker, the next day, the George Clooney-executive-produced documentary about what he did when he was an assistant coach in Ohio and all of those young men were assaulted is coming out. So, he doesn’t want to be speaker for good reason.”

Bardella responded, “That is why I think Scalise is the most likely candidate.”

Reid interjected, “David Duke without the baggage.”

“He has to go and raise money, Steve Scalise if he’s the speaker. Long time political reporter claims that when she first met Scalise when David Duke was a state representative, and Scalise, who was from Louisiana as well, told her, ‘I’m like David Duke without the baggage,'” she added.

What does that even mean??


There is a lot of in house drama right now as Republicans failed to vote in McCarthy as speaker.

It seems the GOP is passing around a grenade around instead of coming together and doing what is best for our party. Perhaps we have too many RINOs in office right now, splitting Conservative votes.

Even if McCarthy is not the absolute best person for the job, I would think it’d be smarter to vote for him than to allow the vote to go to plurality, which could allow Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries to be elected as House Speaker.

What are your thoughts?


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