MSNBC’s Julián Castro: GOP Base ‘Gets Its Kicks’ from Immigrant Cruelty

On Tuesday, MSNBC analyst and former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut”  and accused the Republican Party’s base of getting “its kicks” from cruelty towards immigrants.

He said while discussing Texas Governor Greg Abbott sending three buses full of border-crossers to Vice President Kamala Harris’ front door on Christmas Eve, “It’s an important point to remember, these are human beings, and it says something about Greg Abbott that he’s willing to be this mean, this intentionally cruel, to have people duped into going to a place, being dropped off on the side of the road, many of them without even a jacket on, including as you pointed out, kids.”

Castro continued, “That kind of cruelty also says something, I think today, about the Republican Party and where it is, that you have people like Abbott and DeSantis trying to figure out who can be the biggest jerk and thinking that is a way they’re going to get elected perhaps in a 2024 Republican presidential primary. Greg Abbott is somebody that has been angling to get on the presidential election track for a long time.”

He added, “I think that he sees this as completely consistent with that. He thinks he’s scoring political points by doing that. I really don’t know what’s scarier, the fact you can have somebody that cruel, that mean in office, in such a position of power, or that there’s something underneath that which is a base of the Republican Party that gets its kicks by this kind of cruelty toward people.”

He acts like the illegal immigrants were taken from their homes to Harris’ house in Washington, D.C. That is not the case though. They came into our country illegally and rather than be crushed under the weight of the influx of people, Abbott simply had them delivered to a self proclaimed “sanctuary city” where they *should* be taken care of by the liberals who want to protect them. So what is the problem?


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