MSNBC Hosts Continue To Heap Praise On Two-Time Loser, Stacey Abrams

I have seen a few liberal news outlets still pandering for Georgia’s failed candidate Stacey Abrams and it’s insane. By far, the nuttiest segment so far was the one by ‘Morning Joe’ where the cast compared Abrams, who was voted out of Georgia twice now, to Moses. Host Joe Scarborough, Al Sharpton, and Symone Sanders gave Abrams credit for ‘putting Georgia on the map’.

I found their comparison a little warped as they insinuated that Abrams will somehow lead the people of Georgia to their ‘far-left promised land’.

Symone Sanders demanded that viewers give Abrams her dues saying, “The work that Stacey Abrams did is the reason that Georgia was in play in ’20, was–is in play right now, will continue to be in play for the cycles to come and so sometimes you do not get to reap the immediate benefits for yourself of the work that you do and I think that, that is a story that black women all across this country know all too well, but people better stand up and give Stacey Abrams her due.”

Scarborough was the nutjob to introduce Moses into the conversation saying, “By the way, Moses… he led the Jews to the Promised Land but didn’t get there himself.”

Scarborough reached out to Sharpton to back up his claim, which of course he did so without hesitation saying, “He didn’t get there himself, but God took care of Moses.” After Scarborough interjected to affirm, “Yes, He did,” Sharpton continued, “Keep reading the Bible, God said, “I will bury Moses. Y’all leave Moses alone and let Joshua keep going and Stacey will get her due. God will reward Stacey. Anytime you see Ossoff and Warnock and Biden in Washington, you’re looking at the work of Stacey Abrams.”

They then ended the rant with an ‘amen’ which just completed the madness full circle for me. Abrams, who doesn’t see value in unborn human life, is somehow Moses-like? Give me a break…


The good news is, very few politicians continue to run after failing twice, though there are a few exceptions. This scorching loss could be the last time we have to see Abrams.


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