MSNBC Attacks Gov. Abbott in Wake of Mall Massacre: ‘There’s a Sickness in the State of Texas’

In the wake of the tragic mall massacre in Dallas, Texas, in which a gunman opened fire killing eight people and wounding seven more, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is already attacking Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Scarborough said during his Monday airing of “Morning Joe” that there is ” “a sickness in the the state of Texas” being spearheaded by Governor Abbott.

Scarborough said, “You have a group of migrants being run down and killed here. The U.S. has by far the highest child and teen firearm mortality rate among poor countries.

Our little children are being slaughtered. And Greg Abbott has nothing to say about it. He just wants to change the subject.

But after Greg Abbott cynically, and cruelly looked at a rampage inside of a home where children, a child, and his mother and family were slaughtered by an AR-15 and, yes, an illegal immigrant, the question is how did he get that AR-15?

The governor cynically and cruelly focused on the immigration status of these poor people and that little boy that were slaughtered and called them illegal immigrants right off the top, just inhumane. But he wanted to focus on illegal immigrants.”

He continued, “So is it any surprise that we have migrants being run over with this sort of lack of leadership, the sort of cynicism, this sort of hatred in Texas?

Is it any surprise that we have migrants? On Sunday morning, some of them probably going to church, getting run over while they’re waiting for a bus or that we have a neo-Nazi sympathizers, possible white supremacists going to malls to gun down other people.”

“There is a sickness in the state of Texas, and that sickness starts at the very top with Greg Abbott, who refuses to protect little children in the state of Texas, whether it’s at school or whether it’s his church or whether it’s at shopping malls or even inside their own homes,” Scarborough added.

Just like the left. Using tragedies to their political advantage before the bodies even have time to cool.


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